5 Inspiring Product Demo Examples to Power Up Your Marketing

Rachel Meyrowitz

In competitive, rapidly evolving industries like SaaS, finance, and health, you need to master the art of effectively showcasing your product.

To outshine the competition and truly connect with modern buyers, your product demos need to be experiences. The best demos are interactive journeys that don't just highlight features — they vividly illustrate how your offering solves real-world pain points.

We’re talking snappy product demo videos that grab attention from the get-go by speaking to viewers' pain points upfront. But we’re also talking immersive webinars with live polls, animated videos, virtual event gamification, and more. In fact, product demo webinars are one of the best ways to turn demos into two-way conversations at scale.

Whether it's a quick video or an engaging webinar experience, a great product demo puts your buyer in the driver's seat for a test drive.

We'll showcase five diverse product demo examples — including both videos and webinars — that are winning over viewers. Learn what makes them work so you can replicate their success.

The Power of Product Demos to Convert and Connect

A stellar product demo brings features and benefits to life, connecting with your audience on a visceral level and driving conversions. 

As Maury Rogow, CEO of Rip Media Group, puts it: 

"Your product demo is an intuitive way to not only explain the workings of your product and how it solves a problem or a pain point but also to increase sales. In today's market, where video content is more prevalent than ever, the product demo video has become an essential tool for businesses."

A product demo packs the power to:

  • Capture attention and spark excitement with interactive multimedia experiences that engage audiences on a deeper level.
  • Vividly illustrate real-world use cases and turn your product into a tangible solution buyers can picture themselves using.
  • Start an authentic conversation by gathering feedback, addressing prospects’ doubts and objections, and building trust.
  • Directly address your buyers' biggest challenges and position your offering as the answer they've been searching for.

Our product demo examples below truly leverage this "show and tell" approach to form powerful emotional connections. Read on to discover how these brands created demos that let participants experience the benefits through real-world use cases, compelling recordings, and interactive formats. You can even use our handy product demo checklist to create your own.

5 Product Demo Examples to Inspire Your Strategy

The best way to truly master the art of compelling product demos? Study the masters themselves. 

The following examples showcase companies absolutely nailing the product demo experience. We’ll deconstruct great examples of product demos across different industries and formats to understand what makes them work. Use them as inspiration as you plan your own attention-grabbing demo — and check out our full step-by-step product demo guide to help you along the way.

1. Modjo

Modjo’s product demo webinar walkthrough is an interactive, buyer-centered experience

Modjo is an innovative conversational intelligence platform that uses AI to analyze sales calls and meetings, providing teams with data-driven insights to improve revenue operations. They’ve chosen an in-depth product demo webinar format to showcase the tool and start meaningful conversations with their audience. 

Modjo's product demo webinar script shows deep empathy and knowledge of their customer persona and challenges: "As a sales director, you need access to the direct customer voices, but you don't have time to shadow all the calls your sales team does to understand customer needs and identify patterns."

Modjo then positions itself as the solution to these challenges. The demo gives clear metrics and social proof around its impact, such as an increase in conversion rates, reduced onboarding time, and hours per month saved for sales reps. Using hard numbers makes the benefits feel within reach for viewers.

From there, the product expert gives an in-depth walkthrough of Modjo's AI-powered call scoring, conversation analysis, and revenue intelligence features, linking each to specific use cases and pain points.  

The demo clearly checks all the boxes for showing AND telling. Viewers don't just see how Modjo works, they understand precisely how it solves their exact challenges as sales leaders.

All the while, participants can contribute to the conversation in the chat, asking real-time questions and making comments that enrich the experience for everyone.

💡 Learn from Modjo’s example by: 

  • Using empathetic language that shows you understand participants’ challenges
  • Providing clear metrics and social proof around your product's impact
  • Connecting features to specific use cases and outcomes prospects care about

You can go even further by using a great product demo webinar solution like Demio that keeps webinar participants engaged with easy-to-use interaction tools.

2. Dropbox 

Dropbox’s product demo highlights how its new features will fit in with other tools in the viewer’s workflow

Dropbox is a pioneering cloud storage and file-sharing platform that allows individuals and teams to access files, collaborate seamlessly, and secure important data.

This product demo video for Dropbox's new AI features Dropbox Dash and Dropbox AI is a masterclass in grabbing attention and painting a vivide picture of real-world use cases.

The demo script engages viewers by highlighting relatable pain points Dropbox AI can solve: "How many times have you wanted to get a quick understanding of what a presentation's about, or had a simple question about a contract, and your only option was to sift through hundreds of pages to find the answer?" This "problem interview" approach is a powerful way to connect to the viewer's own frustrations around finding key information across documents and files—before showing these new features help.

From there, the video pivots to showing Dropbox AI and Dropbox Dash in action through visually appealing product walkthroughs and example use cases. The variety of scenarios makes it easy for different prospects to envision how they could use the features themselves.

As well as showcasing the UI and functionality, the video also does an excellent job explaining how Dropbox AI and Dash integrate with viewers' existing tech stacks and workflow. That means it's easy for viewers to understand how these tools would fit in with their day-to-day jobs to be done.

💡 Learn from Dropbox’s example by: 

  • Using relatable questions to immediately captivate viewers
  • Showcasing use cases that connect with viewer pain points
  • Explaining how your product will integrate with prospects' existing tech stack and workflow

3. Demio 

Demio’s fun game show product demo webinar is totally interactive, with polls, featured actions, and activities

If you’re reading this page, you likely already know that Demio is an industry-leading webinar marketing solution that empowers businesses to run engaging, interactive virtual events and webinars. Our compelling and creative game show product demo is an example of practicing what we preach.

From the moment it starts, our on-demand product demo immerses you in an engaging, game show-style experience. Our enthusiastic host Tiara guides you through a virtual scavenger hunt using Demio's featured actions, live polls, and downloads to maintain viewers’ interest and drive interaction. You get to experience the power of interactive webinars first-hand by playing along and even winning prizes (downloadable goodies).

Participants love our game show demo because it flips the typical one-way product presentation on its head. 

Instead of passively being talked at, you're an active participant having fun and experiencing key features.

The product demo webinar shows you:

  • How on-demand, automated, and live webinars can help them scale your engagement marketing efforts
  • How Demio’s engagement features, including polls, featured action links, Q&As, and scheduled downloads boost demo video engagement 
  • How Demio’s powerful webinar analytics, engagement reports, and focus time insights empower marketers to make data-driven follow-up decisions

And we make sure to address any lingering questions with an automated Q&A: on-demand viewers can send their questions in the chat and a member of the team follows up with them later on. 

💡 Learn from Demio’s example by: 

  • Using a great webinar tool with interactive features that let you engage viewers as participants
  • Incorporating gamification by having viewers compete, answer questions, or earn rewards
  • Showcasing your product's key features and capabilities through the experience itself
  • Offering Q&A options, whether your webinar’s running live or async

4. Collective Health 

Collective Health product demo webinar screenshot
Collective Health's product demo webinar makes use of social proof and clear use cases to show how their product helps with managing team healthcare benefits

Collective Health provides an all-in-one solution that helps employers manage employee healthcare benefits, insurance, and more. They’ve chosen the product demo webinar format to highlight how their platform streamlines all these processes into one convenient hub.

This demo kicks off by instantly addressing top audience questions and pain points collected from a pre-webinar survey. This helps viewers feel heard and validates that the content will be hyper-relevant to their concerns.

From there, it's a comprehensive deep-dive into how Collective Health solves challenges from integrating benefits providers to automating admin tasks and providing personalized benefits guidance to employees.  

The demo uses compelling visuals to walk participants through the actual platform UI, with screen recordings and walkthroughs. 

They also make sure to paint a convincing picture of the impact through hard metrics on the care gaps closed through proactive outreach and quantified reductions in day-to-day admin work. This is backed up with social proof, using logos of respected enterprise clients like Uber, Pinterest, and Red Bull.

💡 Learn from Collective Health’s example by: 

  • Surveying prospects beforehand to understand their top questions or potential objections
  • Running polls during your webinar to gain more insights on buyer challenges (with Demio, running polls and surveys is a breeze!) 
  • Using clear data and social proof to build credibility 

5. Thinkific 

Thinkific product tour videos
With clear screenshots, Thinkific’s product tour shows viewers how easy it is to create a course from scratch

Thinkific is a platform that empowers entrepreneurs, educators, and businesses to create and sell online courses, coaching programs, and membership sites. Their demo product tour video guides viewers through the process of leveraging Thinkific's full suite of features.

The demo video begins by setting the stage and explaining how Thinkific helps creators not just publish content, but build a business around their expertise. This context prevents viewers from getting lost in an aimless feature walkthrough.

Armed with in-product screencasts, the host illustrates exactly how to set up courses, communities, bundles, and subscription memberships within the Thinkific ecosystem. Rather than making assumptions, the presenter takes care to explain basic functionality and terminology in a clear, approachable way.

They highlight a range of examples and use cases — from single online courses to coaching programs to B2B corporate training deployments — to get viewers imagining exactly how the platform can flexibly solve their particular problems. 

Though this product demo takes the form of a pre-recorded video tour, Thinkific also leverages live and on-demand product-focused webinars. 

For example, Thinkific ran a successful Black Friday webinar with Demio that educated prospects on their platform's key benefits while providing a highly engaging experience. Leveraging Demio's interactive features, customizable registration pages, automated reminders, and HubSpot integration empowered them to optimize webinar promotion and follow-up.

💡 Learn from Thinkific’s example by: 

  • Providing the right level of detail based on your audience's experience
  • Showcasing a range of beginner and advanced use cases to demonstrate the product’s versatility
  • Using a range of different formats to reach your audience — including short product tour videos and longer product-focused sales webinars

Transform Product Demos into Wins

There you have it: 5 inspiring examples that showcase the power of product demos to capture attention, build trust, and ultimately fill your pipeline and drive conversions.

Whether it's a short video hitting on key pain points or an interactive webinar turning viewers into engaged participants, a masterful product demo lets you connect with prospects on an authentic, deep level.

To take your product demo webinars to the next level, you need the right technology. That's where an all-in-one virtual events platform like Demio can be a game-changer.

Demio makes it easy to create engaging, effective demo experiences with features like:

  • Live polls, Q&As, and chat to transform passive attendees into engaged participants
  • Customizable registration pages and automated email journeys to optimize attendance
  • Robust analytics to measure engagement and continually optimize your demos
  • Powerful attendee segmentation features including integrations to Hubspot and other CRMs for lead scoring and effective follow-up
  • Branded showcase of your webinars on your website 

By using great product demo tips and leveraging a webinar platform like Demio, you can turn your next demo into an unforgettable experience.

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