Virtual events that drive (and track) ROI

Demonstrate virtual event ROI with engagement data that can be collected and measured. Track your virtual event attendees from registration to customer, and prove the value of your virtual event.

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Generate Leads. Drive Results.

Drive Participation From Attendees

Create the virtual event your audience enjoys attending. Invite engagement and participation from your attendees through community-based live chat, allowing them to not only communicate with the host, but with each other. Extend the value of your event beyond the live session through handouts. Gather market research through polls, and make it easy for attendees to take the next step through live CTAs.

Identify Qualified Leads

Detailed analytics help identify live event attendees who demonstrate strong engagement and interest during your webinars. By tracking their behavior, like questions asked, handouts downloaded, CTAs clicked or polls answered, you can pinpoint potential leads who are more likely to convert, sending the right leads to sales.

Demonstrate ROI

Webinar analytics provide concrete data to showcase the return on investment of your live events. By tracking metrics such as attendance, engagement, conversions, and revenue generated, you can present tangible evidence of the impact live events have on your bottom line.

Prove The Value of Virtual Events With Engagement Data

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