Use Our Brand

All the assets you need to share Demio with your audience.

Don’t Do Weird Stuff to the Logo

Below are things not to do to the logo. That’s right, don’t do them. This ensures that brand consistency is maintained.
Changing the color to something random is not cool.
Changing the logo arrangement is not cool.
Primary Demio Logo
Rotating the logo on its axis is not cool.
Stretching the logo vertical or horizontal is not cool.
Adding shadows is not cool.
Changing the logo typeface is not cool.

Let’s Keep the Logo Legible

To keep the logo legible across multiple use cases, use this guide to the right when adjusting the logo size.
Logo Minimum Sizing
Icon Minimum Sizing

Let the Logo Breathe

Our total minimum clear space around the logo is 2 x the height (x) of the logo. This ensures legibility and increases brand awareness. More space is always better.