Expand Your Promotion With Boost

Through automated social proof and word of mouth, your registrants become your promoters - amplifying your message, and boosting your results.

Drive New Registrations

👉 Each registrant will be provided with a unique sharing link for your session, so you can see how many registrations they collect

👉 Automatically sync promoted registrations to your Demio account

👉 With one click you can export registrants to help you identify your top promoters

Incentivize Your Promoters

👉 Offer rewards, gifts, or service to you promoters for the signups they bring

👉 Create as many rewards as you’d like, customize them all, and decide how you’d like the rewards to be received

Customize Your Message

👉 Customize promotional content for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Gmail, making it easy for your registrants to share the message with just a click of a button

👉 Create a custom promoter sharing page with a look tailored to your audience

👉 Edit the subject or body of the email to highlight the message you want

Identify Social Platform Success

👉 Review the registrations earned by each platform to identify the most effective channels

Boost can be added-on to active Demio accounts. Enjoy the first 14 days free and then automatically upgrade to full paid access in alignment with your Demio subscription term length.

Boost pricing table

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