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Share the love, earn $$, get more perks.

Seeking Raving Demio Fans

This may be you if you're a Demio customer, you meet the program terms and conditions, and one of the following descriptions makes your heart skip a beat 💚 :

  • Lover of webinars — You host them, watch them, organize them, and/or generally believe in their power to transform your business.
  • Passionate about Demio — It’s the tool after your heart; you may know it like the back of your hand or otherwise recognize it as the best webinar platform around.
  • Have friends with a need for webinars, or a new webinar platform —  Whether they’re colleagues from a time past that you mildly stalk over LinkedIn or your very own coworkers in another department that you know can use Demio to exceed their business goals, it’s all about spreading the love.
  • LOVES prizes! — In the form of $$, gifts, exclusive access to events, updates, and more.
Pick Any Or All

Here's How It Works

Give a review

Submit a review of Demio on Boast, G2, Capterra, or tag us in a review as a LinkedIn post, then provide proof with the link to your review below. Once verified, we’ll send you your $25 gift card.

Make a referral

Refer a friend and when they sign up for a Demio account, you’ll get a $125 gift card.

Add a host

Expand your Demio account to be used by others in your organization by adding a host and get a $75 gift card. Just let us know so we can verify by submitting the form below.

Share your story

Was finding Demio a game changer for you and your business? Work with us to create a story for our site, attract referrals, and get gift cards.

Rewards You Can Earn

What is the Fan Club?

$100 Gift





Webinar Guest Presenter Opportunities

Fun, exclusive

More opportunities to get additional rewards

Common Questions

Who qualifies to be a member?

While we welcome any of our fans to leave a review or recommend Demio to their networks, only active Demio customers can receive rewards by participating in the Fan Club. Trial Users do not qualify at this time. Please see the program Terms and Conditions FAQ below for more information.

How do I leave a review?

You must have an account to leave a review on any of our three preferred platforms. Sign up/log in and then visit the site where you’d like to leave a review by clicking on the icons below. To review Demio on LinkedIn, create a post about your experience with us on your feed and tag us @Demio.

g2 iconcapterra iconlinkedin icon
Where do I show you that I’ve made a review?

Once you’ve posted your public review of Demio on G2, Capterra, or LinkedIn, copy the link to your review and paste it in the “your review” field on the participation form.

When do I get my gift card?

We will verify and send gift cards to qualifying participants within four weeks of submission.

How do I make a referral?

Tell a friend why you love Demio and why you think they will too — it's as easy as that. Account owners can also access a unique referral link in their account settings drop-down. Use our outreach templates or speak from the heart.

Once you've made a referral, let us know by filling out the participation form so we can verify they've signed up for a paid plan and get you your $125 gift card.

How do you track referral conversions?

Once you’ve told a friend about Demio and they sign up for a paid account, be sure to fill out the participation form with the email address they used to sign up or with their exact company name so we can verify your referral has completed. We’ll then follow up with your $125 gift card.

How do I add a host(s) to my account?

Only account owners are able to make changes to the billing of your Demio account so ask them to help you make this change. Account owners can add hosts by accessing the Billing tab, then under Your Plan select “Adjust Plan” and “add hosts”.


  • Starter plan users can only have one host; upgrade to Growth to add up to four more.
  • Growth plan users can add up to 5 hosts before they need to upgrade to a Premium account. Select “Adjust Plan” in your billing area if you’d like to upgrade to Premium and add more hosts.
  • Premium users can add an unlimited amount of hosts in their billing area.
How many times can I get a gift card?

As many times as you add a Host or successfully refer a friend. You can earn a $25 gift card a total of three times, once for a unique review posted on each of the approved sites.

I completed multiple actions to join the Fan Club, how do I prove it?

For each action you completed, simply fill out the participation form with all necessary information, we’ll verify and get back to you soon.

How is this different from the Affiliate Program? Can I be a member of both?

The Affiliate Program is separate from the Demio Fan Club in that the actions taken to participate in one are different from the other. Members of the Affiliate Program generate traffic and sales for Demio via unique links and banners on the member's site in order to receive commission payments. Members of the Demio Fan Club join by referring coworkers to join their account by adding hosts to their existing account, leaving a review on our approved sites, or getting a new company to sign up for Demio — all of this activity results in a variety of prizes and other membership perks.

You cannot be a member of the Affiliate Program and the Reward Program at the same time. In order to participate in the Fan Club, you must leave the Affiliate Program, which will prevent future referrals from resulting in commissions and you'll receive a gift card instead.

If you'd like to switch membership from one program to the other, tell us which program you want to be a part of when you submit the Demio Fan Club participation form and we'll take care of the rest.

What are the Fan Club Terms and Conditions?

Fan Club rewards are offered exclusively to Demio customers with active accounts. Trial Users do not qualify at this time. User accounts must be in good standing (gift cards will not be awarded to Users on accounts with delinquent payments). Gift cards may not be used for paying any Demio user's account balance. Any fraudulent activity or manipulation of Fan Club rewards will result in removal from the Fan Club and Users found to be in violation of these terms will be permanently banned from the Demio Fan Club.

How do I share my story?

If you have a special love for Demio and webinar success like no other, we want to tell the world. Submit our form with some details about your experience and we’ll follow up with how we can use it. Note that we may elect to create a customer quote for display on our sites or ask for your partnership to create a case study.