Explore Top WebinarJam Alternatives in 2024 for B2B Marketers

Rachel Meyrowitz

Do your webinars feel like shouting into the void? So many businesses spend thousands on virtual events and automated webinars but still see disappointing turnout and engagement. 

In fact, the latest industry research from Banzai shows that on average, between 50–80% of those who register simply don’t show up.* And almost a third of attendees lose interest and drop off in the first third of the webinar.

That means you need a webinar platform that makes it easy to promote your event, boost attendance, and use interactive features to hold your attendees’ interest. What’s more, the best webinar solutions give you actionable analytics that identify engaged attendees and help you build out a pipeline of high-quality leads. 

WebinarJam is a popular option with great features like live and automated webinars, easy setup and registration, and attendee spotlight tools. But it may not be the best choice if your priority is understanding exactly what’s keeping your audience engaged and integrating with your current tech stack for a seamless workflow. Some users also report issues with the UX, interface, and video sharing. Plus, if you want full evergreen webinar features, you’ll need to integrate it with another tool.**

In this guide to WebinarJam alternatives, we’ll help you to find the right solution for your unique business needs. Whether you’re looking to create evergreen content, build virtual events for product demos, or produce and cache unlimited webinars, we’ll show you which tools offer easy setup, powerful analytics, and attendee engagement.

* Banzai Webinar Statistics Report, 2024

** All information is sourced from G2 and Capterra as well as software product pages.

5 Alternatives to WebinarJam to Level Up Your Virtual Events

If you’re tired of hearing virtual crickets in your webinars, you’ve come to the right place. By switching to the right tool, you can create impactful virtual events that captivate your audience — and help you to understand them better. 

We’ll explore five top WebinarJam alternatives and weigh up the different tools and features on offer to use webinars for marketing

As you consider the options, you’ll need to think about which platform best aligns with your business goals, integrates with existing tech stacks, and provides the features you need to improve your webinars. Whether you host live webinars or automated/on-demand events — or all three — there’s a solution out there that’ll turn your virtual event vision into reality.

1. Demio: The Best WebinarJam Alternative for Engagement and Analytics

Demio’s range of engagement tools and marketing analytics make it a great choice for teams who want to see real improvements in webinar ROI — without any heavy lifting

Demio is an easy-to-use online events platform that’s perfect for hosting automated, on-demand, and live webinars that wow attendees and get marketers results.

Strong customer engagement drives ROI and conversion rates, and Demio was built to do just that. Demio is designed to supercharge the webinar experience from registration right through to post-event follow-up. You’ll get customized branding, attendance reminders and notifications, real-time conversation, polling and interaction features, automations, and more. In parallel, the tool collects rich marketing-relevant analytics so you can gain powerful insights from your events and achieve your goals.

🛠️ Key features 

  • Participation tools — Interactive polls, surveys, Q&As, tagging features, and more
  • Downloadable resources — Upload presentations, videos, and documents. For on-demand, automated events, you can even set up timed handouts
  • Intuitive interface — Simple, streamlined design easy for both hosts and attendees to navigate
  • Insights reports and segmentation — Powerful engagement data on who interacts with your content, downloads, and conversations so you can identify leads to prioritize. 
  • Focus time analytics — Understand exactly how long people are paying attention for and see when they’re dropping off or losing focus.
  • People reports — Track registrations, attendance rates, conversions, and other webinar KPIs
  • Wide-ranging integrations — Connect tools like Hubspot or another CRM to build webinar analytics into your workflow
  • Evergreen webinars — Repurpose events and use Demio AI to chat with on-demand attendees 24/7 for strong video engagement
Evergreen and on-demand AI features keep your audience engaged — no matter when they’re watching
  • Events Showcase — Easily create a branded showcase of your webinars to embed on your website or share online
  • Spotlight audience members — Bring attendees to the stage so they can be part of the content
  • Customized branding — Keep your logo visible in your landing page, registration page, email reminders, and webinar room
  • Personalized interfaces and backgrounds — Look professional and creative, no matter where you're broadcasting from
  • Guest speakers & moderators — Add guests to manage the chat and Q&A or share their expertise
  • User-friendly solution — Clear-cut, no-download tool that’s easy to use 
  • 24/7 customer support — Quick, effective responses to your issues or questions to keep everything running smoothly
  • Strong security and data protection — Exclusively uses encrypted data communication channels, secure Unique Join Links, and protected storage 
  • Boost add-on Makes it easy for your registrants to drive further signups with social sharing and incentives

Demio is your all-in-one solution with the tools you need to boost webinar registrations, engagement, lead generation, and end-to-end ROI. 

💰 Pricing

Demio offers a 14-day trial and flexible pricing plans suitable for diverse needs.

Starter: From $42/month, up to 50 attendees

Growth: From $75—$567/month, 150-3,000 attendees 

Premium: From $184–$734/month per host, 150-3,000 attendees and white-glove support, key integrations, and value-adds

🤔 Demio vs WebinarJam 

We think Demio’s the best choice for most B2B marketers looking to make a real dent in webinar attendance and engagement with a robust, easy-to-use tool. You’ll get more in-depth engagement analytics and segmentation with Demio, too, and you can include more hosts (up to 15, depending on your plan).  

However, WebinarJam could be good for certain customers — for example, those who want every attendee to have camera-on options. Since Demio’s a specialized webinar tool, rather than a video conferencing solution, it doesn’t let all attendees leave their cameras on. Instead, hosts can spotlight attendees and bring them up to the main stage. 

📢 Hear what customers say

Here’s a review from Demio customer Bridget at Loop & Tie:

“I like that it's browser-based and I can easily find everything I need within the simple interface! Demio makes webinar engagement and audience participation a breeze. On the analytics side, you can see engagement data to help qualify attendees.”

2. EverWebinar

Like WebinarJam, EverWebinar is part of the Genesis product suite, but both products are sold separately. EverWebinar is an automated platform that delivers high-quality evergreen virtual events across devices and provides flexible scheduling for recurring webinars. It offers live interaction and engagement features and a long list of integrations with other marketing tools such as Google Ads and Facebook Pixel.

It's designed only for evergreen webinars, though, so may not be the best choice if you want the flexibility to run many different types of virtual events, including real-time, live content.

🛠️ Key Features 

  • Automated and scheduled webinars 
  • Interactive, simulated chat 
  • Active offer displays 
  • Statistics and event analytics 
  • Integrations with a range of other tools 
  • Turn live webinars evergreen (note: to do this, you need to integrate EverWebinar with WebinarJam, which means using two separate products) 

💰 Pricing

Yearly: $499

Biennial (billed every 2 years): $874

3. Webex Webinars

Formerly known as Webex Events, Webex Webinars is an interactive virtual events platform by Cisco. It’s one of the top WebinarJam competitors that supports simple webinar setup and delivery. 

Webex Webinars is built with large audiences in mind and supports 10,000+ webinar attendees depending on your plan, so it can be a good option for large enterprises.

🛠️ Key Features 

  • Attendee capacity from 1,000-10,000+ 
  • Unlimited number of webinars
  • Live, simulated, and on-demand events
  • Practice sessions
  • Moderators and breakout rooms
  • Integrates with CRM systems like Salesforce and Eloqua
  • Registration options and customizable branded pages
Note: for more features like branded virtual event hub agendas and attendee engagement, you need a different service, Webex Events.

💰 Pricing

Webex Webinars basic pricing ranges from $68.75/license/month to $4,950/license/month (billed monthly). There are custom price tiers for high attendee numbers and extra features. 

4. GoToWebinar

GoToWebinar is a platform designed to help organizations plan, promote, and execute interactive webinars.

GoToWebinar supports up to 3,000 attendees, so it can be used for large-scale presentations and smaller online meetings or video conferencing needs.

🛠️ Key Features 

Here's a rundown of GoToWebinar’s prime features.
  • Live and pre-recorded events
  • Interaction capabilities like polls, surveys, and raise hand 
  • Event promotion features
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Webinar templates
  • Custom branding and registration forms
  • Attendee analytics and engagement dashboard 
  • Add-ons available for things like webcast mode
  • Integrations with tools like Salesforce, Outlook, Hubspot, and Zoho

💰 Pricing

Here’s what the pricing looks like:

  • Lite plan from $49/month for 250 participants
  • Standard plan from $99/month for 500 participants
  • Pro plan from $199/month for 1,000 participants
  • Enterprise plan from $399/month for 3,000 participants

Different plans include different features and host limits.

Learn more with our complete guide to GoToWebinar alternatives!

5. EasyWebinar

EasyWebinar is a tool designed for businesses and individuals to easily run live and automated webinars that engage audiences. 

It’s designed to support sales presentations, training sessions, customer onboarding, and more, and to help companies to get the most from their virtual events.

🛠️ Key Features 

Some of the features you’ll find in EasyWebinar include:

  • High-quality streaming
  • Real-time chat
  • Easy screen sharing
  • Make attendees presenters
  • EasyCast for multi-platform streaming on social media
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Integrations with Mailchimp, Get Response, Stripe, and more. 
  • At the highest Enterprise pricing tier, you can have up to 500,000 live attendees.

💰 Pricing

There’s a limited free plan available for small, short webinars (under 30 minutes per session, less than 10 live attendees, and a max of one live webinar each month). 

Other than that: 

  • Standard plan starts at $80/month per host, billed monthly
  • Pro plan at $197/month per host, billed monthly
  • Custom quotes are available for enterprise plans

💡 Free resource alert! 

Simplify your search with Banzai’s webinar platform buying guide

Download the complete guide for insights on what to look for across costs, support, training, metrics, and use cases. 

Don’t Settle For Less: Finding Your Ideal Webinar Platform

With so many webinar hosting options out there, deciding on the right choice for you can be a challenge. 

Before you decide to sign up or make a switch, do some personal due diligence. Get crystal-clear on what you want and need.

Ask yourself: 

  • What kinds of content do I want to produce? Workshops, town halls, product demos? Live content, on-demand webinars, or hybrid events? 
  • What specific goals do my webinars aim to achieve? Leads? Engagement? Thought leadership? Brand awareness? All of the above? 
  • What kind of attendee capacity do I need? How many hosts do I need on stage? Do I need a tool that can scale by adapting to sudden changes in demand or requirements? 
  • What’s my budget? What kind of support do I need with onboarding and ongoing troubleshooting?
  • What’s lacking in my current program? Poor marketing analytics? No functionality for pre-recorded webinars? Substandard live streaming video quality? Limited customizations and integrations? 
  • What are my must-have features for marketing webinars?

In 2024, we think these should be the top features for marketers focused on maximizing their webinar ROI: 

✅ Dynamic content delivery and interactive elements like polls, Q&As, and tagging features to boost engagement

Banzai's Webinar Statistics Report 2024 found that polling features and call-to-actions significantly increase audience focus. What’s more, understanding which actions your attendees take helps you identify their intent! 

Caption: Polls are fun, engaging, and generate curiosity for your attendees as they wonder  “Will others feel the same way I do?”

✅ Multimedia features for screen sharing, showing videos, and sharing PPTs, documents, and resources

✅ A wide range of integrations with CRMs like Hubspot 

✅ Robust analytics on registrations, attendance, engagement metrics, and ROI reporting

With Demio, you can measure your event’s success and dig deep into how focused and engaged your attendees were to quickly identify top leads

✅ Capacity to build automated, evergreen webinars to repurpose content, with AI engagement tools

✅ Easily customizable branding across webinar landing pages and registration pages and email notifications 

✅ An easy-to-use tool that makes the process smooth and simple 

✅ Flexible pricing plans that let you scale up or down 

Demio: A Webinar Platform That Truly Drives Wins

Here at Demio (👋), we believe the perfect WebinarJam alternative exists. Our solution can do all of the above and more

But of course, before switching services, you’ll need to explore all the options and clearly understand your needs around driving signups, boosting engagement, tracking participation, generating leads, branding, and more.

While WebinarJam is a great solution for some companies mainly looking to run live webinars, it has limited firepower. For truly effective engagement tools and deep-dive analytics that drive marketing results, we think Demio is the best choice for most marketers. 

By upgrading to a powerhouse like Demio, you’ll be able to build killer on-demand, evergreen, and live webinars packed with goodies like polls, Q&As, multimedia content, value-add resources, and more. Advanced analytics will show you exactly how viewers interact so you can give them more of what they love — and move potential customers along your pipeline. 

An easy interface also means smooth sailing for hosts and attendees across devices. And Demio's all-star customer support squad has your back from day one, so it’s easy to make the switch. We work hard to assist you with converting contacts and other vital information so you can cache your past content for future use without losing all your hard work.

Your customers don’t want dull, lackluster virtual events — and neither do you. Get in touch to take your webinar engagement, analytics, and ROI to the next level.

Frequently asked questions about Webinarjam alternatives

What are essential features to look for in a webinar platform?

Essential features in a webinar platform typically include:

  • High-quality video and audio streaming
  • Real-time chat functionality
  • The ability to host multiple presenters
  • Screen sharing capabilities
  • Recording options for automated webinars
  • Engagement and attendance analytics and reporting tools
  • Integration with marketing tools
  • Reliable customer support

Are there customization features for WebinarJam and alternatives? 

Yes, there are several customization features for WebinarJam and its alternatives. 

WebinarJam alternatives like Demio allow users to personalize interfaces, backgrounds, registration pages, and email notifications to match their brand identity and enhance the overall attendee experience.

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