Explore the Best ON24 Competitors: Elevate Your Virtual Events in 2024

Rachel Meyrowitz

If you’re here then you probably know there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to choosing a webinar platform. Or else there would be one option on the market and not approximately six million (and counting).

From popular video conferencing software like Zoom and Google Meet, to large-scale event management platforms like BigMarker, and even specialized gamification software, there’s no shortage of event technology out there canvassing for your limited budget!

Complex and overwhelming as that can sometimes seem, this means there’s likely an option out there specifically suited for your event management needs.

One popular option for event organizers is On24 which offers a robust suite of features for customizing webinars, analyzing audience engagement, and integrating with marketing systems. 

But if you’re seeking an alternative, we’ve done the hard work for you in finding 6 alternative tools to suit different use cases, with varied feature sets and pricing options. We’ve also compiled a short guide to which features you ought to consider for a webinar platform in 2024.

Of course, our top recommendation is Demio: an easy-to-use webinar platform that prioritizes audience engagement and helps data-driven, goal-oriented marketers track ROI from their event marketing efforts. Read more about Demio, and our other picks, below. (Or, if you’re feeling spontaneous, just click below for a free trial!)

6 Great On24 Alternatives for Interactive Webinars

On24 is a strong webinar platform that’s increasingly focused on leveraging AI — billing itself as the “Intelligent Engagement Platform”. But while it’s a solid pick, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to your best choice for webinar hosting.

While a lot of people rave about it, every solution has its detractors. For instance, some users on G2 report On24 is easier to use on the attendee side than on the presenter side and criticize its ease of use. Its live chat features and analytics options are also less expansive when compared to some of its competitors.

To help you figure out which option is best for you, we've broken down the key features, pricing, and best uses for the top six On24 alternatives on the market in 2024.

No matter your budget, what you're aiming for, or what you need feature-wise, there are choices out there that can boost your virtual events. You've got to pick webinar software that keeps up with your pace and connects your brand with your audience in just the right way.

We’re covering:

  1. Demio: Best On24 alternative for attendee engagement and ROI
  2. Airmeet
  3. InEvent
  4. GetResponse
  5. WebinarNinja
  6. Livestorm

1. Demio: Best On24 Alternative for Attendee Engagement and ROI 

Demio makes it seamless to present slides and pre-recorded video while enabling engagement features like live chat, polls, and handouts

Demio offers a streamlined webinar platform tailor-made for the data-savvy marketer craving clear-cut insights. 

With its arsenal of features, you're not just hosting webinars; you're engaging your audience on a deeper level and tracking every bit of that interaction to truly understand the impact and ROI. Designed for simplicity, Demio guides you from crafting the perfect landing page to executing a flawless post-event follow-up.

Expect to see your brand shine with customized touches, never miss a beat with automated reminders for attendees, and dive into real-time chats, polls, and interactions that keep everyone hooked. Meanwhile, Demio is hard at work behind the scenes, gathering the detailed analytics that matter to marketers. This means you're not just throwing events into the void; you're gathering actionable insights to propel your strategies forward.

🛠️ Key Features 

  • Participation tools — Interactive polls, surveys, Q&As, tagging features, and more, which are proven to increase attendee focus**
  • Downloadable resources — Upload presentations, videos, and value-add documents. For on-demand, automated events, you can even set up timed handout
Demio gives you a variety of useful and intuitive tools to drive engagement during your webinars like adding resources
  • Intuitive interface — Easy for both hosts and attendees to navigate, making things like screen sharing easy
  • Insights reports and segmentation — Powerful engagement data showing who interacts with your content, downloads, and chats, so you know which leads to prioritize 
  • Focus time analytics — Understand exactly how long people are paying attention for and see when they’re dropping off or losing focus.
  • People reports — Track registrations, attendance rates, conversions, and other webinar KPIs
  • Wide-ranging integrations — Connect tools like Hubspot or another CRM to build webinar analytics into your workflow
  • Evergreen webinars — Repurpose events and use Demio AI  to chat with on-demand attendees 24/7
  • Events Showcase — Easily create a branded showcase of your webinars to embed on your website or share online
  • Spotlight audience members — Bring attendees to the stage so they can be part of the content
  • Customized branding — Keep your logo visible on your registration page, email reminders, and webinar room with elegant templates 
  • Personalized interfaces and backgrounds — Look professional and creative, no matter where you're broadcasting from
  • Guest speakers & moderators — You can add guests to manage the chat and Q&A or share their expertise
  • User-friendly solution — Simple, no-download tool that’s easy to use 
  • 24/7 customer support — Speedy solutions to any issues or questions to keep everything running smoothly
  • Strong security and data protection — Encrypted data communication channels, Unique Join Links, and secure storage 
  • Boost add-on Makes it easy for your registrants to drive further signups with social sharing and incentives

Demio is your all-in-one solution with all the right tools to amplify webinar registrations, engagement, lead generation, and end-to-end ROI.

** Banzai Webinar Statistics Report, 2024 

💰 Pricing

Demio offers a 14-day free trial and flexible pricing plans suitable for diverse needs.

Per-month pricing for our annual plan looks like this: 

Starter: From $42/month, up to 50 attendees

Growth: From $75—$567/month, 150-3,000 attendees 

Premium: From $184–$734/month per host, 150-3,000 attendees and white-glove support, key integrations, and value-adds

🤔 Demio vs On24 

We believe Demio stands out as the best option for most B2B marketers aiming to significantly increase webinar attendance and drive engagement with a robust, user-friendly, and reliable platform.

Demio gives you access to more detailed engagement analytics and segmentation capabilities, alongside the ability to accommodate up to 15 hosts.

Of course, On24 could be the right fit for certain users — for instance, enterprise-level companies who need extensive tech support and hands-on customer onboarding.

But if your primary goal is to drive engagement and gather actionable insights from your B2B webinars, Demio's specialized features and analytics could be more aligned with your needs.

📢 Hear what customers say

Here’s a review from Demio customer Prachi Dhore at B2B Partners:

“One of the standout features of Demio is its ease of use, both for the host and the attendees. There is no need to download any bulky software, as attendees can join with just one click right in their browser. Demio also allows hosts to customize and brand their event materials, including the registration process, and to collect any desired information from registrants. 

The platform also offers a range of interactive features, such as polls, featured actions, chat, and the ability to give microphone or webcam permissions to attendees.”

2. Airmeet

Airmeet boasts a browser-based design that allows for easy access from various devices, enhancing user flexibility. The platform also supports closed captions, making events more accessible to a wider audience.

Airmeet provides 24/7 assistance, ensuring users receive timely help with any issues related to events or the platform itself.

🛠️ Key Features 

Some of the features you’ll find in Airmeet are: 

  • Mobile app support
  • Breakout rooms
  • Multiple speakers for town halls, workshops, and other events
  • In-browser support
  • 24/7 live support

💰 Pricing

Airmeet offers a few distinct plans:

  • Free: 50 attendees per event (up to 90 minutes) and one organizer license 
  • Premium Webinars: $1,999 per year, 100+ attendees per event, and one organizer license 
  • Virtual Events: Custom quotes for packages with five organizer licenses and advanced features
  • All in Suite: Custom quotes for packages with ten organizer licenses and advanced features

3. InEvent

InEvent offers a webinar and virtual events platform with a focus on large-scale events catering to enterprise companies. There’s a wealth of features aimed at supporting in-person events with simultaneous live video (hybrid events), though this can lead to it being perceived as complex and less user-friendly than alternatives, particularly for small or medium-sized businesses.

The platform is billed as an all-in-one solution, integrating registration, ticketing, CRM, email communications, and more to streamline webinar management. InEvent emphasizes global reach and premium branding options, allowing users to customize their events extensively. It also offers professional live streaming to create engaging broadcasts and safeguards data with fortified data rooms, ensuring a secure environment for all the information shared at your virtual conferences.

🛠️ Key Features 

InEvent has the following features: 

  • Hire sign language professionals in-platform
  • Real-time speech-to-text translation into German, French, and Italian
  • Polls
  • Live chat

💰 Pricing

InEvent requires you to book a demo and speak to a representative to get a quote, though they do list starting pricing as a benchmark:

  • Single event: $6000
  • Annual subscription: $9000

Pricing will vary depending on the feature set you need, with different packages available called V&H (Virtual and Hybrid) Advanced, Pro and Full.

4. GetResponse Webinars

GetResponse Webinars is a basic online management software tool baked into GetResponse's broader email marketing platform. This tool aims to help marketers use webinars to streamline lead generation and enhance engagement across their pipeline.

For marketers who are focused on email communications, it could be a solid alternative to GoToWebinar, since it has lots of inbuilt features like reminder emails and automated messages. However, its online event tools are an add-on to its primary marketing functionalities, so you won’t get the full range of advanced engagement features and granular analytics webinar platforms like Demio offer.

Some real users report finding the software tricky to use and some customer review data we found pointed to a problem with leads signing up for webinars but never receiving the links to join, impacting attendance rates. It’s also one of the more expensive options. 

🛠️ Key Features 

Here are some of the main features users get: 

  • Native email marketing tools
  • Ability to host free and paid webinars
  • Webinar recordings (up to 20 hours of storage) 
  • Integrations with platforms like Shopify, Kajabi, and Thinkific
  • Some interactive features like polls 
  • Overview of average attendance time, devices used, and attendee location

💰 Pricing

Standard pricing for GetResponse is: 

  • Marketing Automation Plan: $59/month
  • ECommerce Marketing Plan: $119/month
  • GetResponse MAX Enterprise Plan: contact for custom pricing

5. WebinarNinja 

WebinarNinja pitches itself as software built for teaching rather than meetings, aimed at educators, including coaches and teachers.

It offers flexibility with live, pre-recorded, and hybrid webinars, along with live courses and on-demand video options. The platform includes customizable landing pages, email reminders, and interactive chats to facilitate audience engagement. It caters to a broad range of users from individual freelancers to large organizations, aiming to simplify the process of hosting webinars for educational and business purposes. Though some users on G2 have expressed dissatisfaction with customer support.

🛠️ Key Features 

WebinarNinja has the following features: 

  • Built-in landing pages and email
  • Audience presenters
  • Paid webinars
  • Live chat 

💰 Pricing

WebinarNinja offers the following pricing plans tied to attendee limits (we’re listing the entry price point with the lowest number of attendees, but Pro and Business scale up to 1000 attendees): 

  • Basic: $29/month up to 50 attendees, 1 guest presenter, webinars up to 2 hours, limited features
  • Pro: $99/month up to 100 attendees, 4 guest presenters, webinars up to 4 hours, adds features like automation and 1:1 onboarding
  • Business: $199/month up to 100 attendees, 10 guest presenters, webinars up to 8 hours, full feature set including series and hybrid webinars

6. Livestorm

While we’ve previously covered alternatives, Livestorm is a great engagement platform focused on features like Q&As, polls, and easily live streaming pre-recorded video.

A good choice for small businesses with its focus on engagement for both webinar events and virtual meetings. 

🛠️ Key Features 

Livestorm has the following features: 

  • Live Q&A sessions
  • Polls
  • Private and public workshop hosting
  • Easy meeting scheduling for on-the-go attendees
  • Registration pages
  • Automated, live, and on-demand webinar creation
  • Good for online meetings as well as webinars

💰 Pricing

Livestorm offers the following pricing plans: 

  • Free: 20-minute sessions with up to 30 active contacts per month
  • Pro: $99/month, billed monthly with 4-hour sessions and 100 active contacts per month
  • Business: Contact sales for 4-hour sessions and 500+ active contacts per month
  • Enterprise: Contact sales for 12-hour sessions and 500+ active contacts per month plus advanced features

🔍 Get everything you need to make an informed decision in one place

Download Banzai’s detailed buying guide to understand costs, support, training, metrics, and use cases for different webinar platforms. 

How to Choose the Right Webinar Platform

Choosing the right virtual event platform isn’t a simple case of finding the most features at the lowest cost: it really depends on your use case.

We think any ROI-conscious marketer in 2024 needs to consider the following features to be able to engage attendees, understand your customers (through advanced analytics), and drive ROI:

Comprehensive Analytics and Lead Identification

Demio makes it easy to measure the success of your event, review the results of engagement features like polling, and then export that data

It’s tempting to break out the confetti when you manage to promote your virtual event, get the message via your expertly crafted registration forms, and attract hundreds of potential customers to your slick demo presentation.

But you just can’t afford to stop there: in this data-driven climate, with ever-decreasing department budgets, you need to be able to demonstrate clear ROI.

An ideal webinar tool will let you track attendance, engagement, and attendee behavior, which is crucial for identifying credible leads for your sales team and optimizing your follow-up strategy.

For example, Demio webinar analytics enable you to pull insights reports to understand key virtual event success metrics. For instance, when your attendees were most focused, how many people downloaded the handouts, and who dropped from your session entirely.

Automation and Integration Capabilities

If those analytics stay isolated and aren’t easily accessible to those who need them, their value diminishes significantly. This is why top-tier webinar platforms today must integrate effortlessly with marketing automation tools such as HubSpot and CRMs like Salesforce. Such integration is crucial for effectively handling leads and assessing the impact of webinar campaigns as part of the overall marketing strategy.

Demio integrates with those tools and many more to provide useful automations that will save you precious hours and impact your ability to drive results. For instance, you can connect your Demio signup form to a Mailchimp list to gather contacts and segment them instantly.

Engagement and Interactive Tools

Live polls and Q&As are proven to increase engagement during webinars, increasing the chances of converting attendees into leads for your sales team

According to the 2024 Banzai Webinar Statistics Report, engaged webinar attendees are more likely to take action. Research shows it’s more difficult to engage attendees during live webinars versus on-demand content — but focus rates increase significantly when attendees are encouraged to actively participate.  

To increase your chances of engaging your hard-won webinar audience, you need a tool that emphasizes interactivity features such as polls and Q&A. These enhance the webinar event experience, directly impacting conversion rates while helping you gather quantitative data about your customers and prospects.

Demio is built with engagement features in mind, giving hosts the power to run live polls, distribute handouts, and even direct attendees to CTAs directly from the webinar.

Customization and Branding Opportunities

Demio makes it easy to personalize your event registration page with your branding 

An uninspiring event registration landing page can put your webinar at a disadvantage right from the start. However, marketers often lack the time and resources to create a page from the ground up that effectively represents their brand.

That's where software with robust customization options comes in handy (hello, Demio! 👋). This allows you to swiftly create a branded event registration page and also enables you to dispatch branded automated reminders to those who register.

 24/7 AI Interaction to Maximize Engagement

Demio AI can automate 24/7 support by answering attendee questions during your webinar event

AI chat features empower marketers to stay connected with their audience around the clock, providing answers and improving the user experience without the need for continuous manual monitoring. This approach helps prevent attendees from losing interest or even abandoning your event. With Demio AI, you can engage with participants at any time, so questions are answered and conversations flow smoothly, even in your absence.

Post-webinar, you'll have access to insights on the inquiries made by attendees and how Demio AI addressed them, allowing you to customize your follow-up communications based on what really matters to your audience. This strategy not only makes your webinars more interactive but also ensures your follow-ups are more precisely tailored, ultimately elevating the attendee experience.

H2: Choosing Demio: Your Ideal Webinar Platform 

If you're contemplating a switch from On24 or just scouting the field for alternatives that match your marketing and ROI ambitions, finding a platform that boosts attendee engagement and deciphers the analytics behind it for effective follow-ups is crucial.

Platforms like Demio are strong On24 competitors, offering features essential for 2024's landscape: in-depth analytics for pinpointing leads, flawless CRM integrations, tailor-made engagement tools, and around-the-clock AI-driven interactions for both live and evergreen webinars. These capabilities are designed to not only enhance participant engagement but also streamline the process of tracking ROI and managing leads with ease.

Make the strategic move by considering Demio's 14-day free trial and directly experiencing how these features can uplift your webinar strategy. 

Whether Demio becomes your choice or you opt for another platform, the ultimate aim is to select a service that genuinely amplifies your marketing endeavors.

Frequently Asked Questions About On24 Alternatives

What is the difference between Adobe Connect and On24?

Adobe Connect and On24 differ primarily in accessibility and promotional features. Adobe Connect allows access from both browsers and mobile devices, offering versatility for participants on the go, while On24 is accessible solely through desktop browsers, focusing on a desktop-centric audience. 

On24 excels in promotional tools, featuring customizable email sequences to enhance participant engagement, though it lacks website widgets for direct integration. Adobe Connect caters to a broad range of interactive needs, including meetings and virtual classrooms, making it suitable for diverse applications. In contrast, On24 is geared towards businesses seeking detailed marketing analytics and lead generation through webinars, with a strong emphasis on professional audience engagement.

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