Automated Events

Work smarter, not harder. Put your webinars on autopilot with a pre-recorded presentation and timed engagement features.

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Expand Team Size

Marketing team of 1? We feel ya. You might not have the capacity to run tons of live events, but you can easily set up automated events, at your leisure, without sacrificing any audience engagement.

Focus On Your Attendees

Pre-record your content, and jump into your event live to answer questions, and talk with your attendees over chat, as well as fire off your engagement resources (or time them to go out automatically). Focus fully on your audience, and let the content run itself.

Avoid The Sweaty Palms

Not great in front of a live audience? No sweat. Bring down the pressure by pre-recording your content - getting it exactly where you want it before it's seen by the masses.

Pre-recorded webinars that don't sacrifice engagement

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Demio is a fantastic platform for webinars and virtual events. I definitely recommend it for marketers looking to make an impact in the new virtual world.
Micah Neidhart
Sr. Developer Marketing Manager, Hubspot