Turning Webinar Content Into Social Media Gold

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March 17, 2022

Smarter Not Harder 🏆

Are you tired of creating new content for every single marketing channel just to use it once and never again?

Webinars, social media, paid ads, blog - it's just too much fuss... 😪 We get it!

Running a webinar for a handful of attendees just so it is watched a few more times is not feasible - especially if you're a one-man band.

Fortunately, Jennifer Radke has the solution for you! 🎉

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn from the CEO of the National Institution for Social Media.

📢 Here's what we'll cover...

  • How to plan virtual events that can be repurposed later
  • Strategies to turn webinars into engaging social media content
  • What to consider when resharing content across your social media platforms

and so much more.

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