Beers 🍺 and Webinar Fears 😱 March 2021

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March 9, 2021

We're tired of attending terrible webinars. 😰
We are also tired of running terrible webinars.

We want our webinars to make us money and get people to like us. 💯 Let's talk about how.

Our monthly AMA series answers the real questions you have about running webinars.

Here's a snapshot of what's covered in this one:

  • Why marketers should stop focusing on audience pain points and start focusing on their desired outcome
  • Introduction of the Webinar Arc
  • 5 things to do before running a (successful) webinar
  • How to brainstorm webinar topics
  • How to determine the right webinar format
  • How to make sure you're not confusing your MOF webinar for a TOF webinar

and so much more.

Hosted By:
Ashley Levesque
VP of Marketing