Beers and Webinar Fears, July 2022

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July 21, 2022

We're tired of attending terrible webinars. 😰

We are also tired of running terrible webinars.

We want our webinars to make us money and get people to like us. 💯 Let's talk about how.

Our monthly AMA series answers the real questions you have about running webinars.

Here's a snapshot of what's covered in this one:

Tips when you're just starting to run webinars

The difference between webinar purpose and webinar goals (and how to set them)

Tips for creating engaging webinar content

Tips for getting registrants, and making sure they show up

Best practices for being a confident presenter

How to run an engaging webinar

and so much more.

Hosted By:
Ashley Levesque
VP of Marketing
Stephanie French
Constant Contact