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How Tinuiti Earns 3x More Webinar Conversions With Demio

Victoria Rudi

Discover how Tinuiti deploys Demio’s webinar tech to run weekly webinars, increase their attendance rate, and score three times the conversions from their webinar audience compared to their previous webinar solution. 


With engagement marketing playing a key role in brand differentiation, leading agencies are finding new ways to build thought leadership, connect with their audiences, and convert qualified leads into sales. 

Tinuiti is the largest independent performance marketing firm across Streaming TV and the Triopoly of Google, Meta, Amazon. Apart from developing multi-channel strategies, Tinuiti partners with brands to identify, engage, acquire, retain, and reactivate customers across the media that matters most. 

We recently sat down with Kerry Mallett, senior content specialist at Tinuiti, to learn how the company uses Demio to boost webinar engagement and drive conversions. 

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Before discovering Demio, Tinuiti’s team was seeking to achieve a higher attendee engagement rate during their webinars. This indicator is key to the company’s webinar strategy, as higher engagement rates translate into more conversions. 

Tinuiti’s webinar strategy is based on weekly live sessions targeting leads and prospects, which reinforces the correlation between attendee engagement and company growth. Poor webinar performance means low business indicators. 

Identifying a webinar platform that would ensure a high attendee engagement rate and organic interaction with branded content was paramount for the Tinuiti team. 


Tinuiti’s main goal when searching for a new webinar platform was to convert attendees into prospects and then, later, into customers. Their team needed an intuitive solution that would produce more qualified leads and strong relationships, as well as increase brand affinity. 

Demio was the answer they sought. 

Analytics and integrations

It offers an integration that allows Tinuiti’s team to port over unique join links for each registrant and create custom emails in their CRM, Marketo. This keeps the webinar top of mind with registrants and transforms them into attendees.

The integration with Marketo also saves the team time on transferring post-event analytics, sending reminder emails, and more. The resulting efficiency allows Tinuiti’s marketers to dedicate most of their attention to improving the webinar content.

”The most immediate effect of using Demio that we've seen is the attendance rate.”

Moreover, thanks to Demio’s easy-to-use interface, a quick webinar setup has become the norm for the team. 

”The automation we've seen from Demio has allowed us to spend more time on content.”

As Kerry told us, Demio was an attractive option for Tinuiti due to its extensive suite of engagement tools. Features such as live polls, CTAs, and live chats make attendees feel they’re part of the webinar by keeping them interested in and involved with the content.

With Demio, Tinuiti’s team can land more content in front of their audience, nudging attendees to take specific actions such as downloading a valuable resource. 

Elements like featured actions and handouts helped the company increase their download rate and identify the attendees who engaged the most with their content. As a result, Tinuiti’s team can easily differentiate between cold and warm leads to follow up and engage with people who show genuine interest in the brand’s content and offers. The company now nurtures the right leads to build long-lasting connections and transform them into prospects and customers.

“Demio … has been fantastic in pushing out gated content. We get over a thousand registrants for some of our hallmark events with a few hundred people live, and it's been awesome to get a nice boost in downloads to a newly released report through a featured action. Also, we get a lot more data on who these people are, what they're tuning into, what they're downloading, and seeing who's a really warm lead.”

Additionally, Demio webinars have bolstered Tinuiti’s sales velocity by providing a reliable method for warming leads and gathering indicators of qualified business.

"There’s a strong correlation between high engagement during webinars and subsequent conversions. People who attend two or more Tinuiti webinars are 2.5 times more likely to convert."

Tinuiti saw a 3x conversion rate from their previous solution


“We've seen our attendance rates skyrocket.”

The Demio platform allows Tinuiti to display their expertise in a credible and stylish manner, connecting the team more closely to their audience. They also enjoyed positive business outcomes such as: 

  • A 27% increase in webinar attendance rate after moving to Demio, thanks to reduced connection-related friction as well as making it easier to remind registrants of upcoming webinars.  
  • An 11% increase in qualified businesses registering for the webinars. Using Demio’s automation tools, Tinuiti’s team managed to save time, allowing them to focus on conducting in-depth audience research and improving the webinar content.   
  • An increase in qualified leads that convert to Opportunities. Improved webinar attendee engagement served to establish trust, generate two-way conversations, and build genuine relationships with the audience. As a result, the attendees were more likely to choose Tinuiti when searching for a solution to their marketing problem. 
  • After surveying attendees, Tinuiti’s team discovered the perceived quality of the webinar content jumped an entire rating point, from 8.1 to 9.1.

"A lead may register for a webinar not knowing anything about Tinuiti, but we’re able to keep them in our ecosystem or our garden by offering them downloads or handouts, then guide and redirect them to our Content Hub after the webinar. "

After Demio became Tinuiti’s trusted webinar technology partner, the team succeeded in igniting engagement and generating meaningful connections, which, along with the increased webinar attendance, converted three times more attendees. Tinuiti’s team now drives consistent results, which yield higher numbers of qualified leads, deeper relationships, greater brand affinity, and overall business growth. Fun, intuitive, and highly efficient, Demio is committed to helping Tinuiti’s marketers run impactful webinars with less effort. 

Ready to see incredible conversion rates with your own webinars? Talk with our team about Demio to learn how you can run more effective webinars with less work. Demio also offers premium integrations as a la carte add-ons so companies of any size and niche can enjoy results similar to Tinuiti.

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