Demio Feature Update - New ? Updates + Demio Automation ⚙️

David Abrams

Here at Demio we’re chugging along in early 2017 and are working harder than ever to listen to our user’s feedback and get in the features that matter most.

Each step we creating a better platform for you to help you connect with your audience better.

So what’s new this week?

Save Registrant Join Links into Your CRM

Now with Demio, when you set up an integration on your Registration page, we will automatically open a new “Automation Rule” under “Registers” to “Save Join Link.”

This will capture your unique users Join link directly into your CRM custom field enabling you to send more marketing emails direct to your user with their join link.

Once you click “Save Join Link” under actions, you will then select the field to save that link to:

Easy peasy!

Turn Demio Notification Emails On/Off

So these two features go hand in hand. If you’ve been looking to get more flexibility with the Demio emails, now you can!

We’ve made it so you can turn off ALL Demio Notification emails or even individual emails based on the specific dates and times. With our “Save Join Link” feature, you can now mail from your Autoresponder instead of Demio if you’d like.

With language support slowly being dripped out to accounts this can be a huge win if you are an international user, as well.

Under Advanced > Emails, you’ll find our new Email toggles:

A few users have requested to reduce the notification times on repeating webinars for internal coaching, so this one’s for you 🙂

1-Click Integration Links

This is a slick new feature based on user feedback from our amazing Demio users (thanks guys :D)

When you set up an integration on your Registration page, you’ll find a new tab under the “Thank You” Section labeled: “Integration Links”

This will automatically place the merge fields of your Integrated CRM or Autoresponder into a link that will instantly register anyone who clicks the link via email (1-click registration).

No registration page needed!

Did Not Attend Filter for Contacts

Here’s a small, but awesome new update that was highly requested.

Our contact section now offers a new filter for “Did Not Attend” to easily segment those contacts who did not show up for your webinar.

You can easily export that .CSV or individual browse the contacts after the webinar.

Introducing Demio Public Chat

Now with Demio, you can set your preferences for the webinar as Private or Public chat. Public chat will allow all your attendees to see other attendees chat and even reply to each other (or you).

Once you create your webinar, you’ll notice a new window in the main editor called Webinar Preferences.

You can then toggle your preference for Private or Public, depending on your needs for the webinar.

Once it’s set, just log in and find your chat now shows as that option.

All Attendees can chat and see each other, as well as reply to each other’s comments. This is all public to Coordinators so you can monitor conversations in real time.

And that’s a wrap for this last week!

What’s on deck?

We’ll continue pushing into that iOS compatibility and browser support, first and foremost. It’s a complex addition to Demio, but we’ll nail it to offer your attendees a great experience.

Then, you’ll be getting a new recording update released into your accounts while Materials will be coming very soon after (exciting!)

Our new international email localization has been opening in accounts and look out for a new time-zone conversions link on registration pages.

And then… into a big update we can’t wait to announce (like live replays anyone?)

So stay tuned and we’re working hard to make you an amazing product each and every day.

Have a great week,
The Demio Team

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