Introducing the Demio and Salesforce Pardot Integration

Simon Baumer

April showers bring May flowers — and a new direct Demio webinar integration! 🎉

We started 2022 strong and we’re striving to maintain that momentum until the end of the year. If you attended our Q2 Product Heartbeat webinar, you already know we’ve been working towards releasing our second-most requested native integration: Salesforce Pardot.

If you missed out on the live webinar, check out the replay to catch up on all the improvements we added to Demio. Just to mention a few, we…

  • Improved our direct integration with Keap
  • Made some changes to the billing address collection process
  • Boosted room performance for events over 500
  • Discussed what’s next on our roadmap

Without further ado, let’s get to what you’re here for. Allow me to introduce our all-new Salesforce Pardot integration! 🚀

About the Salesforce Pardot Webinar Integration

Connect Demio to Salesforce Pardot and run webinar campaigns that convert. The integration allows you to sync prospect activity from Demio to Pardot and build powerful segmentation for highly personalized campaigns and advanced reporting.

Here’s what you can do with the native integration: 👇

  • Create and update prospects in Pardot
  • Add prospects to dedicated lists
  • Save the registrants’ unique join link to a custom field
  • Sync data from custom registration form fields to Pardot
  • Record prospect activity such as registration, attendance, or no-show

Like our native HubSpot integration, this connection will further automate webinar marketing and improve efficiency.

How To Connect Demio and Salesforce Pardot

The Salesforce Pardot integration is available on Demio’s Premium Plan. If you’re on another subscription type, you can request a quote to upgrade.

The integration process is quick and seamless: In Demio, navigate to Settings, go into Integrations, and then click on the Salesforce Pardot icon. Next, you’ll need to add your Pardot Business Unit ID and hit Connect. That’s it!

Here’s a detailed setup guide, and our support team is always happy to help.

How To Make the Most of the Salesforce Pardot Webinar Integration

You can utilize this new integration in several ways, from enhanced branding experience to personalized emails and beyond. Below are some of our favorite use cases that help marketers ace webinar automation.

Different Follow-Up Cadences

No webinar chat is complete without the requisite “Will there be a recording?” question ✋

While you’ll probably send out the webinar replay to prospects who attended live, you might want no-shows to receive a different follow-up message. You could, for example, ask them to request the replay and so requalify them as engaged.

With the Demio and Salesforce Pardot integration, you can automatically add prospects to different lists based on whether or not they attended a webinar live. This will lead to highly personalized journeys and nurturing opportunities with greater potential.

1-Click Registration

Have you heard of form fatigue? It’s the tendency for visitors to grow tired or fed up with filling out long forms and providing an unnecessary amount of information. When prospects want to attend your webinars, avoid putting them off by asking a ton of questions that your CRM should already have the answers to.

To combat this issue, our integration offers a 1-click registration “process” — in quotes because it’s barely one. Your prospect will simply click on the link and their known information will be passed on to the registration form immediately. Easy-peasy.

More Branding Opportunities

Although Demio lets you customize your branding, you might want to go one step further and take advantage of Pardot to send email reminders to registrants using the templates you would for all other emails.

The Demio integration automatically adds all registrants to your selected list, and the unique join links are also synced into Pardot. This means that you’ll have all the necessary information to trigger webinar registration confirmations and pre-event reminders from within the platform with ease.

Advanced Reporting

Calculating event ROI is an important step in any webinar campaign. Since you’ll now have all the Demio webinar data you need in Pardot, you’re able to draft reports of how successful your latest events were seamlessly. You can also forecast revenue based on attendance rate or calculate cost-per-registrant if you have paid campaign data in Pardot.

That’s a Wrap! 🎁

I’m so excited for you to experience the Salesforce Pardot webinar integration with Demio! I’d love to hear how you plan to use this connection and the next big thing you’d like us to work on. Let us know in the comments.

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