February Update: Presentations, Inline Videos, Swap Screen, Gateway pages, and more ?

David Abrams

Wow, what an amazing month February has been so far!

We’ve been working hard over here for you in the Demio Labs, adding a variety of internal stability and reliability updates, as well as a brand new recording update we built from scratch.

The Demio iOS application is getting closer and closer to launch with Firefox and Edge coming quickly behind. I know everyone is eager for these releases, so we’re pushing quickly on this development.

In the meantime, we’ve got exciting new updates inside of Demio:

Demio Materials Part 1: Presentations in Demio

Inside of your Advanced Dropdown, you’ll find a new option: “Materials.”

Over the next few weeks, you’ll find a few updates here with Presentations being the first step to added media inside of the Demio rooms.

You can now upload Powerpoint or Keynote slides as .PDF presentations and render them prior to your webinar.

Once uploaded, you can preview them or edit them prior to launching your webinar (and can upload these anytime in advance).

When you log into your Demio room, you’ll find the new Presentation material waiting in your “Share Screen” menu.

Choosing the slideshow will turn those slides on inside of your Demio room and you can scroll through your presentation LIVE with your attendees, while keeping an eye on that chat. No streaming even required 🙂

Your recording will automatically capture the entire presentation along with any webcams / audio turned on.

This is an exciting one!

(New additions to Materials in future – handouts, resources.)

Demio Materials Part 2: Inline Videos in Demio

You can now upload Inline Videos to your Demio Rooms and stream those videos directly to your attendees.

For many of you, you may know these as HYBRID Webinars.

Made you a quick video to show you how to use them:

I think you’ll be preeeetty impressed ?

After Webinar Redirects Now Live!

We’ve also added our newly updated “After Webinar Redirects” so you can send your attendees to any page you want when your webinar is completed.

Think of webinar surveys, offer pages, you name it… well, now you can do it.

Swap Screens while Presenting

We had many requests for an easier way to change what you are actively sharing during a Demio webinar, so we added our new “Swap Screen” functionality.

Now, when you are sharing your screen you will have the option to choose another window or full screen to swap to seamlessly without having to stop and start again.

Gateway Pages for Hosts/Coordinators

When you’re about to go live, you want to make sure you are all set up for your presentation. So we’ve engineered our Gateway pages to give you a full “Checklist” to run your webinar at Demio’s peak performance.

With the Gateway page option turned on you will now see this screen before logging into your Demio room:

Inside of your Profile Settings area, you can turn the Gateway page on/off for yourself (as the host) or your Coordinators (invited guests) to make sure they are also set up for the webinar.

Coordinators can test their internet speed, test permissions, download the screensharing plugin, and get instructions on what is best for Demio performance.

Coordinator Join Links Now Available

Instead of just a manual email invite to your Coordinators, you can now invite your coordinators manually by collecting their unique join link on our “Roles” page.  Simply click the link icon and a new modal will appear.

This will give you the option to copy/paste that unique join link for them over instantly!

Replay Link Previews Now Available

With Like Live Replays deep in development, we are using the time to also upgrade a variety of items in the Automated Rules and Analytics sections (coming soon after Like Live replay releases.)

One of those items is our Automated Rules “Send Replay Link” preview emails. You can now view these emails easily before sending them out.

And did I mention Like Live is coming soon?

Here’s just a fun sneak peak, but they are looking so amazing. You’ll absolutely love this new feature.

ok, so that’s it for now!

But, plenty of small things have been released over the past month including new Series Editing Options, Automated Rule upgrades, Multi-Language Support, Custom Field upgrades etc…

And we’ll always be working on new fixes for you.

Thank you for all your continued support of Demio.

We’re truly on a mission to create something amazing for each of you and we’ll continue to work hard day in and day out to make it happen.

Have a great week,
The Entire Demio Team

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