Demio on Mobile? + New Demio Updates

David Abrams

We’ve been busy behind the scenes since our initial launch in November and are excited to announce the release some exciting new features this week that we think are really going to dramatically improve the Demio user experience.

Demio is Now Supported on Android Devices

This is a huge update that we’ve been extremely anxious to announce to our users. We know how important it is to allow attendee’s to join from anywhere, so this is another big step in that direction.

Your attendees can now join and watch a webinar in real-time right from their Android device. They can also chat, receive handouts, see Resources, and pretty much do everything that a normal attendee can do… right from their Android web browser. No app needed!

Our next big mobile milestone is iOS support, and it’s one of our top focuses right now.

We’re spending a huge portion of our time developing more mobile support, so we hope to have more good updates coming to you very soon!

The Demio System Check

When it comes to webinars, there are a million outside factors. Browser, internet speed, microphone, webcam, attendees’ connections, firewalls, device permissions, etc. We don’t want you to have to worry about this stuff; that’s our job. Everything should just work for you, seamlessly.

To make sure that happens, we’ve created the Demio System Check. This simple page can be found from the bottom left of any screen inside of your Demio account:

When you click “Run System Check,” you’ll be taken to a page where the system check will make sure you’re totally prepared for your upcoming webinar(s).

We’ll also be including a link to this page in the confirmation emails that are sent to your Coordinators for any upcoming webinar. This will ensure that all presenters are 100% prepared to use Demio.

Attendees can find this under their chat and cooridinators inside of their Backstage.

We think this is really going to improve the overall Demio experience!

More Advanced Registration Page Editor

With the latest updates on the registration page editor, you can now customize text, add lists, insert images, add videos, and more.

When we add new registration page layouts in the future, this new editor will be the foundation.

And there you have it! A lot added, but it’s just a small step forward into the Demio Roadmap.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out in the comments below OR by joining us on an interactive live demo of Demio on Demio! You can register for that here.

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