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Rob Dix,
The Property Hub

“When we held our first sales webinar, 10% of attendees ended up buying, and we made thousands of pounds worth of sales in the first couple of weeks.“

Leon White

“John has been working with me for the past couple of months. Only for the past week I got 20 new clients!"

Jonathan Green

“I made back the cost for the first consultation in 3 days and made 10% increase across my entire business in just two weeks.“

Chris Bartlett

“… we’ve become so busy to the point that we have to open a second academy since we can’t take more people.”

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Hey 👋 I'm John Ainsworth

John has been working in sales and marketing for 20 years, has built dozens of funnels, sold millions of dollars of services and products and has had work featured on the BBC, Guardian and the Telegraph. He’s done work for everyone from solopreneurs to multi-million dollar businesses to national governments.

He’s Demio’s go to guy for building webinar presentations and webinar funnels.