Are You Ready to Kick SaaS with Webinars? ūüėŹ

Welcome to the New Demio. Built for SaaS Companies Like You.

Say hello to the most engaging webinar room, ever.  Demio's brand new webinar room has just got a well deserved facelift. We've done a full revamp of our favorite marketing features and added new interactive experiences, allowing marketing teams to become even more efficient with their webinars, increasing engagement and conversions. As a SaaS Marketer or Founder, we want to get you boosting conversions and interaction with your audience today!

A Beautiful New Interface

  • Redesigned from the ground up with a focus on simplicity.
  • The "My Channel" area has been removed and resources are now built into an interactive chat.
  • All presenters are now featured at the top of the room, so your attendees can see who they‚Äôre listening to. These icons are interactive on hover, and they visually represent the presenter‚Äôs microphone levels.

A Chat Designed for Interaction and Fun

  • The ability to switch between public and private chat mode at any time.
  • @ tagging, favoriting, and delete actions on hover.
  • Emoji gestures to give attendees more ways to interact.

Attendee Engagement like Never Before

  • Create and launch resources right in the chat.
  • Engage your audience with interactive Polls, Handouts, and Featured Actions.
  • Real-time statistics on any resource launched.

Re-imagined Backstage

  • Expandable Backstage area that stays out of your way, so you can focus on the content while presenting.
  • Search, find, and moderate attendees with ease.
  • Share your screen or any presentation materials with visual previews.

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