"There has to be an easier way"

This was a common phrase that was thrown around back in 2014 while we were running webinars every week. It was the phrase that started a journey, and it's been the foundation of Demio ever since.

Back to the beginning

It was during 2014, when we (two marketers in Tampa, Florida) had been frustrated enough with webinar technology that we finally came together to build Demio. It started as a small concept, but ignited into a grand vision. Since then, the Demio team has grown throughout multiple countries across the world. Everyone at Demio works remotely from the comfort of their own homes through the power of digital communication tools. (Oh, hey!)

Solving our own problems

As marketers, webinars were a big part of our strategy for driving new leads, customers, and onboarding existing users. They always gave us the best return for the least amount of time. However, they were a huge pain to organize, setup, and run without issues.

At the time, it seemed like every platform available was wildly outdated, anti-user-friendly, and known for not being reliable. All platforms required a download for attendees (talk about friction!), didn’t have any marketing features to get a better ROI, and didn’t seem to like any of our other marketing tools in our stack. It would take hours, sometimes days just to setup a simple webinar campaign that tied in with our other tools. We would find ourselves manually exporting CSV reports after the webinar and manually importing data just to be able to track the results. We finally got fed up with the process, and we decided there should be a better way.

Our mission

We created an amazing team at Demio to build the perfect webinar solution for SaaS companies just like ours. We know that most marketing teams are stretched with a few people doing a million things, so our goal has always been to make the most effective tool that’s also incredibly simple to use. We continue to set out each and every day with the intention of helping you scale your onboarding, marketing, and education efforts without spending time on things that aren’t getting you a clear ROI. Our vision is to build a tool that works for your team that fits seamlessly with all of the other tools and campaigns you already have in place.

Doubling down on what matters

Our top priority is making sure that things work smoothly, all the time. We know the content of your webinars is what actually matters, so we’ve built Demio with that in mind. This means a large focus on reliability, ease of use, and distraction-free software for you and your attendees. Going forward, we’ll continue to place big bets on reliability, simplicity, clarity, and access. Attendees on Demio are constantly joining from all over the world on different devices, connections, browsers, and more; it’s our job to make sure it’s always a delightful, frictionless experience for every attendee, and we will never forget that.

Always here for you

Our customers are the lifeblood of our business, and we do everything we can to serve them. We never take shortcuts. If there’s an opportunity to go above and beyond for a customer, we take it. We know how stressful it can be to run a live event, so we are always here for you at any time of the day. With response times usually less than 5 minutes, we’re literally just a quick message away. Come say hey!

Run more effective webinars with less work.