Connect, share, & inspire.

From business courses to art classes and guided meditations, Demio provides a distraction-free online learning environment.


Single session or year-round coaching

Live Sessions

A standard live presentation with real-time, HD streaming.

Recurring Classes

Keep people registered across a group of live, scheduled sessions.

Automated Training

Training on autopilot with a pre-recorded presentation and simulated elements.


Designed to make learning simple

A seamless, distraction-free experience for your audience right in their browser.


Eliminate distractions so your audience can focus on what you're sharing.

Easy to use and beautiful too

A platform design that’s visually pleasing, and more importantly, an intuitive user experience for you and your attendees.

Join from anywhere

Frictionless joining without any bulky software downloads. Your audience can attend with one click right in the browser, even on mobile!

no downloads!

Wide browser and device support.

25x faster for attendees to join in the browser compared to downloading an application.


A virtual meeting place that facilitates learning

Deliver HD content in real time on a platform that’s truly reliable.


Build connections like you're in the classroom or studio by sharing your webcam.


Upload your presentation slides or share videos directly from Demio, so you never have to leave the room when you’re presenting.


Show your audience how it's done by sharing your screen in real time.


Know your audience is paying attention

Measure and improve your course through an event analytics suite

Engage like you're in the studio

Experience a whole new level of interaction with your audience.

Interactive polls with stats

Ask your audience a question at any time with Polls; you can keep the stats hidden or share them with attendees for social proof.

Link to external pages and resources

Use Featured Actions to link your audience to an offer, sign up page, or any URL during the event.

Share handouts and gifts

Share homework, guides, and bonuses for your audience to download.

Organize and answer questions

Easily manage Q&A with dedicated features for organization and answering questions live.

Turn attendees into participants

Private or public chat

Interact with your audience in a real-time chat. Switch between private and public chat mode at any time to enable or disable conversations.

@ Mentions and gestures

Give your audience more ways to interact through emoji gestures, and the ability to @ mention other participants.

Bring attendees to the stage

Give microphone or webcam permissions to any of your attendees, so they can come front and center for the audience.

I can be more present when I’m teaching, and my team can be there to help my students in the chat. It’s so much more relaxed. Using Demio is a total win for us.

Amy Jo Berman
Professional Acting Coach
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Support and reliability
you can trust

24/7 dedicated support

When you’re going live, there’s no time to wait for support. We offer 24/7 live chat with an average response time of 5 minutes or less.

Strong & adaptive streaming

A platform design that’s visually pleasing, and more importantly, an intuitive user experience for you and your attendees.

Built-in security

Your security is our priority. We encrypt all browser data, store your data privately, and meet all GDPR requirements.

Comprehensive knowledge base

Our step-by-step, detailed guides, videos, and walkthroughs are designed to help you see success with Demio as quickly as possible.

Run more effective webinars with less work.