Beers and Webinar Fears, October 2023

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October 4, 2023
1pm ET / 10am PT

We're tired of attending terrible webinars. 😰

We are also tired of running terrible webinars.

We want our webinars to make us money and get people to like us. 💯 Let's talk about how.

Join our upcoming AMA for answers to your most burning webinar questions.

Submit your questions below and they’ll be answered by a panel of content marketing superstars who will dish out the straight talk on running webinars that actually drive revenue.

Here's a snapshot of questions we’ve answered previously:

👉🏼 Tips when you're just starting to run webinars

👉🏼 The difference between webinar purpose and webinar goals (and how to set them)

👉🏼 Tips for creating engaging webinar content

👉🏼 Tips for getting registrants, and making sure they show up

👉🏼 Best practices for being a confident presenter

👉🏼 How to run an engaging webinar

👉🏼 and so much more.

Hosted By:
Ashley Levesque
VP of Communications