Zoom Webinar vs. ON24


Capterra Rating
No Downloads
Mobile Friendly
Webcams & Screen Sharing
Upload Presentation
Share Videos
Page Templates
Custom Form Fields
Custom Branding Across Everything
Automatic Reminders
Automatic Replay & Follow-up
Custom Codes & Pixel Integration
Detailed Analytics
No Latency
24/7 Support
Add Team / Users
Private & Public Chat
Advanced CRM Integrations
App Required
App Required
App Required
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Zoom Webinar vs. ON24 - What's the Difference?

Zoom was founded in 2011, and they've had incredible growth since launching. Zoom is mainly known as a meetings platform, not a webinar platform. It's reliable, stable, and has great stream quality, and these features work really well for meetings. However, as a webinar platform, it's lacking quite a few marketing features, deep integrations, and it also requires a download for all attendees.

ON24 was built to be an engagement platform for prospects and customers in 1998. While the platform has been around for quite a while, it still maintains many of the same interface elements throughout the product. ON24 has a ton of great marketing features, but this also gives the product a bit of a learning curve.

ON24 mainly targets Fortune 500 companies, and their prices are hidden until you get in touch with their sales team, as their pricing is not public.

Zoom Webinar

Reliable audio & video streaming
Simple user interface
Well known in certain industries
Download required on all devices
Not built for marketing webinars
Restrictive registration page with minimal design flexibility
Outdated interface and no options for custom branding in the room
Limited chat & engagement options (Polls, CTA's, etc)
Email notifications can't be fully customized
Not possible to add custom codes or pixels into the webinar room
No automated events


No downloads
Marketing & engagement features
Variety of integrations
Price isn't disclosed until you contact their sales team
4.5 rating on Capterra
Too many features beyond just webinars

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